Gold Au $2421.49 $-19.61
Silver Ag $29.48 $-0.26
Platinum Pt $965.95 $-2.80
Palladium Pd $931.10 $2.70

Verbal Appraisals/Evaluations – 


Getting started with an appraisal or evaluation of your coin, paper money, and precious metals collection is straightforward, simple, and secure. We will assist you in navigating the process while providing you with an accurate and honest appraisal of your collection.


Verbal Appraisals/Evaluations- Our in-house VERBAL appraisals/evaluations are free of charge.  The appraisal/evaluation process is simple. Once you bring your coins to us, we will sit with you and tell you the current market value of the items. If you decide to sell to us, then we will pay you the appraised price. If you choose to keep your coins, then you will leave knowing their exact value.

Written Appraisals – If you need a written appraisal on our letterhead (usually for estate purposes, insurance purposes or to be presented in court), the charge is $75 per hour (when items cannot be removed from a location and I need to appraise on-site the fee will be $150 per hour with a minimum charge of an hour). Our appraisal fee includes a written appraisal of your collection with a wholesale buy price and a projected retail sales price. We will list out, with grade (as appropriate), items valued over $100. Items valued under $100 will be grouped together for appraisal purposes. 

The appraisal process is simple: Once you bring your collection to us (or you mail them to us) we will review the items with you and itemize the value of your collection. If you decide to sell to us and we buy the entire collection, we will refund the cost of the appraisal and then we will pay you the appraised wholesale price with any adjustments made due to market conditions and precious metal prices. If you choose to keep your collection, you will leave knowing your items worth. Written appraisals are by appointment only.


Based in Oceanside, California, we are proud to offer expert appraisal services for all U.S. and World coins, paper money, gold, silver, platinum and palladium bullion, and other elements of numismatics for clients located anywhere in the United States.  For everyone in San Diego County, we are happy to appraise your collection in the privacy of your own home or business.  For clients with larger collections, we will travel within the United States to meet your needs.


To schedule a confidential appraisal, please call 760-717-6720 or email and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours to begin the process.