Gold Au $2323.22 $1.39
Silver Ag $29.52 $-0.03
Platinum Pt $993.45 $-2.37
Palladium Pd $967.80 $-1.97

About us

Craig began his love for coins when his grandfather gave him a precious family heirloom of a 1613 Danish Mark; a coin he still has to this day. While in the military, Craig not only completed his Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree but also put together the first complete PCGS XF45 Barber Half Dollar Set; a set that world renowned numismatist Q. David Bowers told him in person would be impossible to put together. It took 10-years to put together but he did it.  He also had at one time the #2 All-Time Best PCGS Eisenhower Dollar Set. Not satisfied with just coins, Craig immersed himself in currency. He then put together the finest known 1929 Federal Reserve Bank Note Set including Star Notes with PCGS Currency. His current passion is the coins and currency from Aruba, Danish West Indies and Danish coins minted prior to 1700. Upon retirement from the Coast Guard, Craig joined the Renton Coin Shop just outside of Seattle, WA where he soon became the manager. He moved to Oceanside, California in 2017. Craig maintains professional relationships with coin and currency dealers not only in the San Diego and the Seattle area but nationwide. His professional associations include the American Numismatic Association, Society of Paper Money Collectors, The Barber Society, PCGS as well as PMG Currency. Craig has a knack for research and if he can’t find the answer, he knows who to call to get the answer.